Scooter and electric bike: the new means of sport and transport

Sport and transport have one thing in common: vehicles. That’s right! From walking to the car via the bicycle, the scooter, the motorbike, etc. all this equipment is used as well in sport, but, first of all, to get around. Technological advances have enabled the reinvention of bicycles and scooters, which are now electric and practical. By reading this article you will know more.

Description of the electric bike

The scientific name for this new means of transport is VAE which stands for electrically assisted bicycle. This is because the pedalling system of the bike is equipped with a motor that serves as an assistant to the pedalling function. It starts when the cyclist starts pedalling the bike. There are three types of electric bicycles. There are three types of electric bikes: city bikes, touring bikes and electric mountain bikes for sportsmen. This type of machine makes urban mobility easy and maintains your health.

The Electric Scooter

This is the new means of transportation suitable for the city. It is equipped with a platform mounted on two wheels, a handlebar, and braking system. It is powered by a lithium ion or lead motor. It is a light means of mobility adapted to urban travel. To choose the ideal scooter, it is necessary to take into account the capacity of the motor and the autonomy of the battery. Electric scooters do not produce CO2, which is why they are classified as an environmentally friendly means of transport.

Advantage of new means of transport

The electric car was the first environmentally friendly means of transport with a motor. It was designed to contribute to the reduction of the emission of gases harmful to the ozone layer. It is widely used as a means of transport, but its cost is still very high for some of the population. Apart from being cheaper than electric cars, bicycles and scooters are more suitable for getting around town quickly, without the fear of being delayed by traffic jams.