Ranking of the Best Sports Sites and Blogs

There are thousands of sites and blogs nowadays that work to promote sports. Whether it’s football, handball, basketball, volleyball, cycling, boxing, judo, etc., there are several sites dedicated to producing very interesting content.

Why rank sports blogs?

Despite the flourishing of blogs and sites specialising in the field of sport, they are not worth the same weight. That’s why it would be wise to make this classification distinguish those who do a good job and offer a quality service to their Internet users.

what are the top 3 best sports blogs and sites?

This ranking that is made has taken into account all areas of sports in general. Starting from football, considered as the king sport to the maintenance sport, it has been given price to the work that each site or blog does in its field to satisfy Internet users. Before being able to make an objective ranking, certain determining variables were identified and used as an assessment tool. These variables are: the referencing of the site, the accuracy of the information provided and the quality of the digital content. On this basis, our ranking of the best identified several platforms from which the top 3 was chosen. Discover here our top 3.
1. Sportail
Very popular in the sports field, this site offers a variety of information to its users. Accessible at sportail.net, you can find quality content related to rugby, hockey, swimming, etc.
2. Au Stade site
Au Stade is accessible through the austade.fr. It is run by a dynamic team that ensures a diversity of information in the fields of cycling, football, basketball, etc.
3. PKFoot blog
This blog is more specialised. It no longer disseminates information concerning football and can be accessed following pkfoot.com. However, the information received by our agency allowed us to rank it in third place.