Kid'Vendure creates the high-tech sports stroller

Sport is an activity that is gradually disappearing from families’ habits. After the birth of a child, parents no longer practise sports, due to the lack of time and tools adapted to the family sports outings. Faced with this situation, the couple Jérémy Baridon and Marina Polleto, young parents, have invented a high-tech pram. More information in the article.

The purpose of a high-tech stroller

This device was invented with a view to helping parents practise sports, while guaranteeing the safety of their little one. Indeed, the abandonment of sports activities is due in particular to the difficulty that parents have in doing so while ensuring the care of their little ones. The founders of Kid’Venture then had the idea of designing a high-tech sports pram designed to protect babies.

Presentation of the high-tech sports stroller

The Ecrin is the name of the protective material made by the couple, which has a carbon fibre structure incorporating layers of Kevlar. It is a pram trailer that offers 9 times more resistance than the aluminium tubes representing the structures of the prams available on the market. The role of the trailer is to facilitate the movement of the equipment on cycle tracks, paths and even in the snow. The Ecrin will be equipped with a shell-shaped support for the child with a HEPA air filtration system for fighter jets, photochromic anti-UV glass, an air ventilation system, combined with a thermoregulation system for the interior of the shell.
And of course, the Ecrin will be equipped with an electrical system that will provide the necessary energy for the operation of the device systems established on the high-tech sports pram.

This equipment is ideal for going to practise sports, while keeping your eyes on the little one. The resistance of the vehicle allows it to be used anywhere without fear of damage. In addition, the newborn is warm in the cabin.